I believe art has the possibilities of changing one’s thoughts, opening new ideas; I believe it is how we share our thoughts and ideas and is an unpredictable source of imagination! Art is part of me: I can’t imagine living without art in some manner, whether it is creating my own, enjoying others’ works, teaching others about art, learning about new techniques or involvement with others in the art field. I grew up in Stanley, ND, but moved to Minot in early 2004. I have been involved in, and with, the arts in some manner for over 40 years. I received a certification in Design and Production Art from the Phoenix Institute of Technology in 1985. I was employed as a graphic designer in Arizona before moving back home to North Dakota to attend Minot State University. Since receiving my Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2001, I was employed as the Executive Director at the Taube Museum of Art in Minot from 2001 – 2019. I am involved with the cooperative gallery, Artspace Suite 1 Gallery. I have my own business, Nancy’s Fancies, creating unique and one of a kind jewelry and paintings. My jewelry/artwork is available in the following locations, Taube Museum of Art Gift Shop, Artspace Suite 1 Gallery, Fiancee, Bismarck Art and Galleries, as well as the Kindred Nest in Waynesville, OH. I also participate in pop-up vendor shows when my schedule allows. I am interested in creating commission work and can be reached via Facebook Messenger or by phone.
Nancy Walter
405 31st Ave SE Minot, ND

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