“It all started while working at a local sport show. Hearing couple after couple bickering over where the husband was going to hang his trophy after the guided hunting trip. The wife complaining about how the “”ugly dead thing didn’t match a thing in the house.”” Continued with statements such as, “”You have so many now, what are you going to do with another one?”” or “”We have so many laying around getting eaten by the dogs.”” What a shame and a waste of story of the hunt, a spirit of an an​imal is worth more than that. This urged the local artist, Kami Hanson, to find a way to preserve and conserve these beautiful works of nature and make them appeasing to all walks of life. Being a hunter herself she knows the importance of conservation and preserving wildlife for generations to come. After attending trade shows around the globe she got the idea from Native American influenced turquoise and beaded covered skulls. That’s when Skull Kandy was created. Each skull is painted by hand and never “”dipped”” custom creations and one-of-a-kind limited editions. Please note one skull created will ever be duplicated. “
Kami Hanson
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