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Though I was born in Mohall, I’ve lived throughout the US; from Maine to Oregon and states in between. The different geographies have given me a varied experience in landscapes and cultures. I love traveling and camping with my wife and 2 children. I’ve camped since I was little and I’ve spread that love of the outdoors to my family. My wife, Crystal, and I are currently writing a book on our recent tour of western US National Parks. She’s the words, I’m the images. I work mainly in photographic and watercolor depictions of nature and landscapes. Although I do like atmospheric and interesting portraiture. My artwork varies from macro images of flowers to giant mountain vistas of the National Parks. My paintings are generally based on the photographs I take. My latest works are deconstructions of photographs from the original photographic image to a representative watercolor painting to a watercolor painting that breaks the image into is basic geometry and color. I’m also working on making huge tapestry-like hangings from my photographs. Currently my work is for sale at Suite 1 gallery, through my email, or soon on my website. I will be setting up virtual classroom events soon for people who are interested in photography in particular. I will use online tools and techniques I’ve gleaned from my work teaching Art in the classroom.
Aaron Michels
7 Green Way, Minot ND 58701

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