Candace first began creating the day she picked up a Crayola and hasn’t stopped since. With an educational background in graphic design and communications, Candace has spent over twenty years dedicated to a career in graphic design, interactive design, advertising, and marketing. She currently works in the AEC industry developing visual communications for a local architecture/engineering firm in Minot, ND. Involved in a variety of mediums, Candace is most known for her ‘pieces of eye candy’ which consist of high texture acrylics on canvas. Stylistically abstract, combined with the occasional impressionistic feel, Candace’s repertoire spans a vast range of subject matter. Candace’s most recent work includes intricate hand-drawn designs on various natural surfaces such as rocks and wood. These designs reflect a mandala style of repeating patterns, but Candace believes her style is inspired by and reminiscent of the patterns found in the traditional arts of her Scandinavian roots, such as rose-malling and folk art. Artistic works can be found on her Facebook page @eyecandycreative and Instagram @eyecandyartwork. She accepts limited commissions. For professional freelance design work, please contact
Candace Brekke
3901 County Road 19 South

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